Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

The last science unit I taught was on weathering. We did a number of experiments like placing small pieces of chalk in empty plastic film containers along with some salt. After much shaking (no limit to the needed energy for that in a fourth-grade classroom) we had a smaller, smoother piece of chalk. Weathering.

Today, as we made our way back into the building from the music trailer, I thought we could observe first hand our next science unit--erosion. The recent snow melt and rain was creating many small streams. We could just walk along the blacktop path and look how the water runoff was cutting small gullies across the garden area.

"Just step over this water and look across here toward the strawberry patch," I directed. "We are seeing erosion."

But really, what was I thinking? Yes, they did observe what the flow of water was doing, but could ten-year-old students just step over water? Science was put aside for the pleasure of puddle walking.

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