Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Another day of brisk winds, light rain and cold temperatures. A day you wish your car heater would warm up quicker than it does. This wet coldness chills you so.

People rush in parking lots or as they enter and leave buildings. Umbrellas are up, yet the strong winds jerk them about, sometimes turning them inside out.

The ground saturated with rain holds small puddles in all low spots. Drops congregate on windows, then trickle down.

Grayness all around. Midwest March.


  1. A short little snapshot that very effectively captures the mood of a cold grey day. The art of great writing is assisting the reader to visualize, to feel, to sense. I felt the cold.


  2. You captured today. I love your last two lines. I love gray days, but after reading your post, I couldn't help but think: "Why do I love these kinds of days." It is hard to capture the weather with words, but you do a remarkable job.
    Thanks for writing,