Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcomed Visitors

They could hardly contain their excitement. The anticipation seemed to make their bodies shiver. "The classroom must be quiet," I had told them earlier and they were. They knew the importance of respecting our visitors needs.

The large wooded boxes were rolled into the room. A young biology major wearing a falconers glove reached in and pulled out the beautiful red wing hawk. They tried to stifle how much in awe they were but I heard gasps around the room. The majestic bird stared, stretched it's wings, then settled her eyes on the room.

They listened intently to a short description of the species and how this bird's injury brought it to the Raptor Center. Carefully she went through the steps of placing the hawk back into it's carrier. We welcomed two more from their boxed perches, an owl and a turkey vulture. Welcomed visitors today. Winged wonderment.

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