Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Hike

We got out of the van and decided just how many layers to wear, grabbed cameras, and headed to the map posted at the trail head. After some discussion we were off. Down the path for exercise, great views and time together doing one of the things we love best--hiking.

My nephew, L., tended to be the first along the path. He often set the pace for my sister, my niece and myself. But we were in no hurry. So many times we stopped and just gazed down valleys and up mountain sides to the snowy peaks beyond.

We never seemed to stop talking. We have shared so much through the years that we love to retell favorite stories. We discuss plans for the future and everything in between.

Moss, lichen, cacti, trees and rocks grab our attention and we stop to inspect. They patiently wait for me, their lungs used to this high altitude.

We circled back and look at the map. We've done a two mile hike. We make plans for returning and bringing other members on the next family hike.

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