Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Recess

Funny how they remember some of the things you say will occur in the classroom.

I had told them last week that we would have an extra recess as a reward for great behavior during our last couple tornado and fire drills. It is a responsible class who can be quiet when among the other grades and classes.

Remember my words, they did. Asking or reminding me a couple times a day. Even the usually quiet ones would raise their hand to politely ask if today was the day. Such anticipation.

Rain and a busy schedule pushed that coveted recess back a few days. Torture, pure torture waiting for me to reveal the day of the extra recess.

Today was the perfect day. We had focused work on the lessons, much effort on the math test and a beautiful spring day. The recess reward.

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  1. I love this description of the torturous waiting, how even the quieter ones were eager for this coveted prize. It reflects so well the jittery anticipation for Spring in general.
    Thanks for sharing,