Friday, March 11, 2011

Coming Together

There we were smiling for the camera on the front lawn of the school. Laughing and enjoying the warm afternoon. Happy despite our Friday exhaustion following a week of the hard work we do. Feeling our camaraderie.

Those of us joined for the camera were all members of National Educational Association. We have been working towards collective bargaining in our district for some time. The local leaders of this group thoughtfully planning the steps.

So despite the media's negative spin toward teachers and challenges hurled at Wisconsin teachers, we will press forward to gain teacher rights here. None to soon as our state representatives are working on several bills aimed at dismantling tenure and schools.

We are smiling at times, but so very worried.


  1. It is a weird time for education. I'm going to see Diane Ravitch speak today! Hoping for some inspiration.

  2. Katie, I love her voice for American education. So wish I was sitting with you today.