Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saying Goodby

"I'll miss you."
"I'll miss you, too."

"It went way too quick" we say in unison.
And so goes another good-by between my sister and I.

We were born fourteen months apart and when we were younger people sometimes thought we were twins. We were pals through childhood and those awkward teen years. We had good times, we fought, we experienced life together.

For decades now, we have lived far from each other. Many states between us. But the bond remained and grows stronger as we experience the joys and trials of adult life.

Today we give a final hug goodby. I'll miss her so.


  1. It's a bittersweet time to say goodbye, especially since you had such a lovely time, & know it'll be a while before it happens again. You wrote enough of the backstory to show that. Good words! Hope Columbia doesn't have any more snow days this year!

  2. Pals - a word that declares a bond through the good and bad. You painted a beautiful picture of your relationship. MaryHelen

  3. Thanks for telling me you know about Happy Tails. We'll be in Columbia this summer for a visit. Hope we keep in touch through the slices. Have a super rest of the school year!

  4. Sisters are such special people, thanks for reminding me to check in with mine!