Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Don't Think I Am

"OK boys and girls, get your reading spirals out."

They looked at me with astonishment, eyes wide. When you disrupt the practiced routine of a classroom, it gets noticed. "Uhmm...it's time for math Ms. E. Did you mean to say math spirals?" one student asked.

Now it was my moment of astonishment. I had stumbled over my words several times. For some reason I could not get in the grove this afternoon. Couldn't get it right.

"Well boys and girls" I began, thinking I'd turn this into one of my attempts at a joke. "It must be something I ate at lunch. I'm forgetful this afternoon."

A nearby student, with a sweet and earnest look on her face, raised her hand to offer help.

"Yes Rita."

"Ms. E I think I know what is wrong."

I wondered what she would say. One of those moments where you question the insight a ten-year old will give. I listened.

"Do you think you are having a nervous breakdown?"

1 comment:

  1. If mixing up reading for math means you're having a nervous breakdown, then I should check myself directly into the loony bin. I love to see how sharp our kids are, though, and it's funny to see how keen their observations are when it comes to our errors.