Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rhythm of the Weekend

I awake near the same time as a weekday morning. But unlike weekdays-my workdays-today I am in total control of the tempo of the day. I control this song's rhythm.

It stretches before me, luscious. Why did a word that describes food pop in my head? Today I can eat a meal at any time I choose. I will linger over it and not glance at the clock every few minutes as I plan a stop at the copier, the book room, and five other tasks that need to be squeezed in. This weekend I'll walk to get a drink of water at any time because a room full of fourth graders are not under what feels like my constant supervision. I control the tempo of such simple aspects of life.

A neighbor will join me for church and we will fill every moment of our drive to and from with constant adult conversations. Our cadence. When we arrive, talented adults will lead us in song, then a man I admire will teach me as he stands at the front of the auditorium. I have the day off, I'll be the student.

I so enjoy, so deserve this movement and pattern of a day apart from teaching. My rhythm of my weekend.


  1. Love the way the words flow and the rhythm in your writing. A weekend does follow a different pattern and you control the tempo. I love that you get to be the student!

    Cleverly written post. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too love being the student! Enjoy your day!

  3. Such a lyrical piece you've written. And it so clearly illustrates one of my favorite music words: rubato