Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Halfway Hurrahs

There is so much a teacher of writing will learn when participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge. Tonight it is..I really don't want to write.

As teachers of writing, we have all heard this many times. My approach to a student stating he doesn't want to write has changed through the years. I've tried different understandings (or lack of understanding), along with different techniques, suggestions, and so on.

Tonight I'm thinking I'll continue with my usual statements that they have to get something down on paper because writer's push themselves even when they don't really want to write. I'll also temper that with some spots around the room that may spark a creative writing thought. A mini writer's retreat to get the juices flowing.

Because sometimes one just doesn't want to write.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I am so much more sympathetic with the young writers in my school who struggle daily to find topics. What do you put in your little corners to inspire your writers? What's in your own corner? Sometimes the only thing that inspires me is the challenge of SOL, the potential of dialogue with another blogger, the self-righteous desire to prove that I can do it.