Saturday, March 19, 2011

School Board Candidates

Attending the school board candidate forum was frustrating, so frustrating.

I've lived and taught in small rural districts where I had the sense school board members and teachers worked together to create the best learning environment for the children of their community. The town was small enough teachers could communicate needs and wishes and board members respected our expertise.

In this city, with this current school board it is not so. During last night's question and answer session the left-liberal managed to rant two anti-Regan spews as he talked about his position while the right-conservative, whose children are not in public schools, gave canned comments on vouchers and collective bargaining. Oh my!

Do they really want what is best for children? Would they listen to what my classroom needs? Would they seek input or continue on with their agendas? Just why are they running?

Frustrating, truly frustrating.

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