Monday, March 28, 2011

Loving My Spring Break

I'm here in Colorado for my spring break and thoroughly enjoying this secluded spot on the side of a mountain. This is quite a contrast to the rolling hills of Missouri that I call home.

I look out the window and see the dark bark of thousands of lodgepole pines standing sharp against the white covered slope. These conifers stretch fifteen feet or so before laying branches out to the side, which are covered with a dusting of snow.

Snow is always present. Drifts are piled up and look like they will stay until spring. Snow melts in some spots only to be covered again the next day. Roads are generally clear. This affords me the opportunity to visit places I love to observe in each season.

Being in this enchanting setting rejuvenates me. I visually drink in the sights and feel a peace come over me. I'm aware of how blessed I am to take in this beauty.


  1. Welcome to where I live, although I'm down here in Denver, not in the snowy mountains. I love that you have written so beautifully of what you are seeing, and that you found the pussy willows. How nice is that! And-most of my extended family is in MO, where I grew up. Where are you from? I love the hills and green of MO & visit often, although home is now CO.

  2. I just received your comment. Nederland is great-sounds like you're having a wonderful time. My brother & family live in Columbia. My brother is Jim Johnson, who was a middle school music teacher, but now is just doing percussion part-time. He also manages a non-profit called Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary. His wife Glenna is a musician, plays for the Columbia chorale, & in her own string quartet. Their son Josh Johnson is a history teacher in a middle school & at Hickman; his wife, Lori, teaches (I think) 2nd grade somewhere. I grew up in Raytown, my parents then moved to Blue Springs. I have cousins all over-KC, Boonville, etc. Small World!