Sunday, March 21, 2010


We walk into the tiny shop and try to orient ourselves. Looks like the web roping is placed to guide us off to the left. What are those small, low green blobs? Oh, cute modern chairs. For adults? Apparently as there are even tinier plastic chairs stacked nearby bearing a sign saying "For children only".

I was expecting the usual cafe table and chairs for us to have a sweet treat and converse one last time before my sister, her children and my mom headed back to their homes. Well, we won't be sitting at the typical table. We begin to figure out the yogurt. It's the new help yourself, mix your own choices type of place. We stare at the labels, then start combining. You pay by the weight, which we tried to keep in mind, but the creamy yogurt that swirls out as you press and the multiple yummy toppings were hard to keep to a limit. We load everything from fresh fruit to cheese cake on top.

Cups and spoons in hand we lower ourselves onto the small green seats and dive into desert. We talk about upcoming trips to each others homes. Our days together are coming to an end. Over a sweet treat.

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