Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Getaway

" Want to do lunch?" she asked. "Of course," I replied with no hesitation.

It had been a morning crowded with learning, but also discipline of willful children and their hurt feelings. Time away is just what I needed. A breather. Adult conversation. Laughter at our teaching predicaments.

Today would not be a lunch spent balancing a tray of food as I answered emails and shuffled those seemingly endless piles of paperwork that land on my desk. I will walk away from the papers and not look back.

We rushed to my car, jumped in, and sped away-feeling our cares dissipate as we drove down the road. We told stories of the morning designed to bring laughter.

Arriving at our favorite restaurant we followed the same routines which we have found get us the tasty food in record time. Some time spent reflecting on the seriousness of our troubled students and our answers for today.

But again, it was mostly time spent in adult conversation, laughter, and time away. Just what we needed.

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