Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Golden Rule

I'll read part of the picture book titled, The Golden Rule, tomorrow to start our day together and to continue my emphasis of the week. See a few folks have been struggling with the whole concept of treat others in the same manner you would like to be treated. They tend to live a self-absorbed, impulsive lifestyle which is causing hurt feelings on the receiving end of those around them.

Today we reviewed our class chart that spells out why we are entitled to and how to have a peaceful day. The poetry pairs work following this were productive and peaceful, but later I think two students misunderstood and thought I was teaching what to avoid doing for a peaceful class.

Thus, they were put on restriction. Restriction means you have lost movement among others. You line up separately, use the bathroom alone, others sharpen your pencils--you get the picture. Hopefully, this works quickly for the two on restriction. It is severely restricting my peace by having them under foot.

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