Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Roles

This profession of teaching goes so beyond what is measured. In fact, most days it is hard to write a job description for fear of leaving out some aspects of what we do. As I reflect on today's work, I think about all the roles we teachers have and also how important it is to have the support of a community of teachers who work along side you.

Our literacy specialist is in our classroom daily and her influence goes so far beyond reading. We are implementing a new role for a student to help with her challenging OCD behaviors. We have tried many strategies with this particular girl, but this week she is making progress. We breath a sigh of relief and hope it continues.

Another student has tears and can't make it through writing workshop. I send her with a pass to the office and later find our principal ministering to her pain. Teaching her how to make it through grief, as well as just simply listening. She'll be better able to face the challenges of the day now.

At lunch we discuss (read--unload) student behaviors and moments of the morning. I was sharing an idea the literacy specialist had just given me to help a few disconnected boys. The lunch bunch teachers remembered some skills those boys had exhibited in prior years in their classrooms thus contributing to my next steps.

A short email to the principal and vice principal let them know of a potential problem after recess with a boy struggling to make correct choices. A plan of action is put into place.

The vice principal also emails to set up a time to meet after we both read through some material we were provided on a child's condition. We will get together to problem solve, plan, and most importantly try to understand the underlying cause of behaviors. Later the school psych examiner stops in to talk about the same child.

So much asked of us as teachers because of so much our students are experiencing in their lives. So much assistance lent my way. All of us working together

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