Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reflections on Facing a Challenge

This is my second year joining up with Ruth and Stacey's Slice of Life Writing Challenge. Once again, I've found the benefits of writing everyday for one month--of putting one's thoughts out there for others to read, are numerous.

There have been many times, especially when I'm at a loss for a post, that I've found myself thinking, "Hhmmm, this must be what the kids feel. This must be why I get those blank looks". As writers who have set a goal of posting everyday, we push past this moment and get something down, if only to go back and edit it later. That pushing oneself along is a valuable skill which we want our students to develop.

Every day for a month, we have considered our message, chosen our words, revised our writing. We have practiced all the very skills we stand in front of a group of students and instruct them to do. But unlike so many classroom teachers, we have experienced it. We have lived the writer's life.

Now we can teach with the depth it needs.

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