Saturday, March 20, 2010

Game Night is On

"Roll the dice, it's your turn", my nephew announces.
"Five," the girls say.
"Would you like things from the Flintstones or furniture in a house?" my team asks.
So goes a night of Outburst Junior.

When my extended family gets together and it includes an evening, there is almost always games around the kitchen table. It is a tradition begun by my parents years ago. When the grandchildren were younger, my mother was the person to gather the kids to the table and teach the more simpler games, like Uno. Now that those same grandchildren are ages ten to young adult they tend to choose the games that involve shouting out and create laughter such as Outburst.

It allows all generations to come together for competition, but mostly for fun. Outrageous moments are retold as "Remember when..." stories and we loose track of time as the game continues. Laughter, good-natured ribbing, fun. Game night.

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