Monday, March 15, 2010

Rap Wins

We had about ten minutes before needing to line up for lunch and recess. I had several housekeeping items I could have them accomplish, some papers to hand back, reminders to go through, you know the usual to-dos for a Monday.

We just had ended a productive persuasive writing workshop period and two on-screen writing inspiration thoughts came to mind. Watching a Week in Rap or seeing Ms. E.'s blog. Week in Rap might create some issues to add to their persuasive topic list to write about later. It is a fast paced current event video, which I can't believe I haven't shown it before now to this class. I also have not shown this group my blog. Those Slice of Life pieces of mine just might spur them on to great heights as writers.

I set it up..."We don't have time for both sites so you will have to vote on Week in Rap and it does have rap music included, or my blog, so I can share some of my stories.

"So put your heads down (a necessary step among fourth graders) and only vote once (again necessary)."

I looked out at a sea of head tops resting on desks. "OK, raise your hand for Ms. E.'s blog." No movement, not one single hand, crickets chirping as I waited. "Alright, raise your hand for Week in Rap." All hand go up.

Maybe I need to find some good tunes.

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