Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Conscious Choice

Reflecting on my exhaustion post of yesterday, I decided today to look at the brighter, happier moments along the course of a fourth grade teacher's day. I turned the music up loud on the drive in and sang as the car cruised into the day.

I shared some freshly baked muffins with my student teacher. She is quite competent and a delight to work with. Don't know what I'd done without her as we received three refugee students not knowing any English this year.

I acknowledged the order she, myself and the literacy specialist have created in our first hour of reading workshop. So many rich discussions, strategies used, and books enjoyed.

Later, after walking through the steps to add another persuasive piece to their journals, I made it a point to linger over those students who are really "getting it". I can't wait to see them implement our revising lessons.

And I had to laugh at the rather unusual events that make up a teacher's life. Like when I noticed an annoying rattling noise coming from A.'s shaking hand as the student teacher taught social studies. What did she have? Oh my ... it's that tooth she lost earlier rattling around in the tiny orange tooth chest you get from the nurse. What other profession deals with tooth treasures? I even chuckled at my adept jumping for the trash can and getting it up to M.'s head while avoiding getting you-know-what on my own clothing from a child experiencing the flu. Glad this aging body can still react so quickly.

I tried very hard to continue through the day looking for those bright spots. They really are there. I also tried to not get bogged down with what could be termed the dark times of the day. Yes, S. did throw a punch and yell "What the #@**?" across the room, setting us back a few minutes today in math. I talked with others, made a home visit about it, and didn't let my brain ruminate on the exhaustive points of the problem. Today was a choice to find happiness in my career. They really do exist.

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