Friday, March 19, 2010

A Mid West Teacher's Writing Evening

We gathered in the library, after what was for many, a tiring day, actually a tiring week. Following greetings and hearing about the evening's agenda we settled in. Teachers practicing what they ask students to do daily...write.

Pens moved across paper in our personalized journals. "Just write," a co-leader had said. "Write about your day, your life, anything that comes to mind." We began our task rather quickly compared to previous sessions. Less time wondering about our topics.

The presenters moved us through information, student activities, and mentor text. Through challenging ourselves as writers, sharing our words, complimenting each other. We dined, laughed, planned.

We closed our journals, gathered papers and pens and said good by. Glad we took the evening for we had grown as writers and teachers of writers.

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