Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost on the Field Trip

We lost someone on the field trip today. This is a little hard to admit, but it was me--their teacher.

Not really lost. I mean I knew where I was. I just wasn't with the rest of the parents, students, and teachers. And I would have to admit at several points I really was clueless as to where they were.

It happened during our annual fourth grade trip to the state capitol.
"I'm going to put this group of lunches with the rest," I commented to the others as I stepped inside my cousin's office.
We were using it as temporary storage so we wouldn't be lugging 40 plus lunches and a cooler up and down the halls of our tour. But when I stepped out of the office...they were gone. No one in sight. No sign of them. Nothing.

I began walking down the wide hall before me, somewhat distracted by texting my cousin, but as I turned corner after corner I did not see nor hear any indication of our large group. I retraced my steps, then climbed a set of marble stairs. At the top I looked around, peered in a door to the visitors gallery, but still no one. I walked on to the other end of this rather large building stopping occasionally at various balconies to gaze below. Still nothing.

Perhaps they went down that first set of stairs. So I hopped into an elevator to travel to lower floors and search, but no group of ten-year-olds did I see. Time was passing. I should text or call. Then I realized that would be impossible as we had not exchanged cell numbers. Great. I could spend hours wandering around this massive place. Time to admit defeat. I couldn't do this on my own.

So I made my way to the information desk and humbly explained my predicament. Could they radio our tour guide and ask him where he and the group were? The teacher is lost.

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