Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ill Days

We are getting quite a lot of learning accomplished in our classroom. It is that time of year where routines are so learned and predictable that kids just sort of float through them. Well, most of the kids do. During mini lessons and other teaching times many are attentive and can answer in a manner that lets me know they got the gist of my talking. It is a satisfying feeling.

But it is also cold and flu season. They come up to ask to go to the nurse so many times I truly loose count. The same ones over and over. Usually the nurse sends them back, I suggest putting their heads down for a while, I empathize. Some stick it out and later return to their old selves. Others' bodies finally succumb to the assault and are sent home packing, not to return for a day or two.

So glad I got those flu shots and have that stash of hand sanitizer in my top drawer.

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