Thursday, March 11, 2010

Appreciating Our Town's Diversity

I dropped off two students tonight. M. guided me to her home by pointing, as her English vocabulary and confidence does not allow her to tell me where to turn. T. could give directions and we chatted about how it is to learn English. I so appreciate the organizations and individuals who provided the means to get here and now the everyday assistance to refugee families. It so contributes to the richness of our school and our greater community.

I wanted to grab a bite of dinner before heading off to a meeting and the closest spot was a new Mediterranean cafe and small food shop. The menu pictures were divine and so difficult to choose from. I wandered around the shop as my meal was being prepared and my head swam as I tried to figure out names, what the product was, and how it would taste. I wished I had the cooking knowledge to make a purchase and go home to create dishes from these exotic looking tins and bags.

Driving along, I realized I often take for granted the true diversity of the town I now live in. We appreciated its influence on our own children as they grew up here and I am aware of its existance. But today I thought back on towns and communities I have lived in that were comprised of very little cultural diversity. They were great places to live filled with great people, but I really like the town I'm in now. I appreciate its diversity.

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