Monday, March 29, 2010

Educators Deserve Spring Break

Before I moved to and began teaching in a college town, I had not really heard of nor experienced Spring Break. Most rural school around here get off a few days for the Easter weekend, but not a full week for Spring Break. Now, it is a part of my teaching year and to me it needs as much recognition as the First Day of School or Parent-Teacher Conferences. Why? Because as educators, we deserve it.

I'm on my third official day of Spring Break 2010 and I am becoming more aware of just how much time we teachers give to our classrooms. I've always been conscious of this, but as this year's break passes along, I am taking special note of activities I can attend to, linger with, appreciate. My time away from my classroom and students is uniquely mine for this week.

For instance, when reading I can look past the professional development articles and books to whatever my heart desires at that moment. For dinner, instead of working at my desk munching on something like popcorn I threw into the microwave, this week I have the morning to plan, search recipes, even run to the store for an ingredient. Instead of planning lessons for the week, my priority is spending time with family.

We work so hard in this field. With serious budget cuts we will be taking on more, instead of less, in the coming year. We so deserve and need a Spring Break. Maybe two.

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