Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Teacher Learns from a Writing Challenge

Each year when I begin the Slice of Life Writing Challenge, I am somewhat surprised at my feelings. The feelings in that week before the March 1 date approaches, during the month and reflecting as I wrap up a last post.

Initially, I was terrified. Putting my attempts at writing out there for anyone to read was intimidating the first year. But, through those fearful feelings, I learned so much about teaching young writers. Its that intuitive information teachers are always trying to develop. An experience we may not get from a class or journal article.

I grew to appreciate that reluctance of moving pencil across paper some students exhibit. I especially see this in August of a new school year, with a new teacher and new classmates.

Fingers quivering over linking up my feeble words that first year is similar to a student's momentary lack of writing confidence. And because of my initial slicing experience, I approach working with those students in a much different way.

I identify the intimidation, I encourage, I suggest. But in the end I require. I require words are submitted and submitted and submitted. Because the accomplishment fuels the writer. Pushing past fears taught me this and now I want those whom I work with to experience it. Experience and overcome a writing challenge.


  1. You really grabbed those writerly feelings - that intimidation, that fuel we need that is met best through our own trying. I love this post - so true!

  2. I hope your words speak to and motivate other writers like it did for me! You're right...there are so many benefits to this challenge, both personally and professionally. Looking forward to a great month of writing, writing, writing!

  3. Your slice really hit home for me, too. This challenge is such a wonderful creation. Even as I question whether I should continue to blog, I knew I couldn't miss this!

  4. It's neat how your entire slice is snippets of emotions. I'll have to consider how I can do this in a slice this month.