Friday, April 1, 2011

Clasroom List of My Learning

Write everyday, even if your don't appreciate what you are able to accomplish at that moment. It may make a better story later or may just sit there as a testament to your efforts.

Writing is sometimes "drudgery". But writers recognize this and deal with it rather than giving up.

Writers need ways to always be growing their vocabulary. They have their ears and eyes open when reading or listening to others. They use tools to search out more precise and interesting ways to express themselves.

Deadlines help. Having a minimal amount required helps. Otherwise, some days we would use creative excuses instead of our creative writing.

Writers look at their world and experiences differently. They open their eyes to all moments before them. They recognize writing doesn't have to be about grand events, but is about their lives.

Writers need comments. While we grow from constructive comments, we flourish with appreciative comments. We require applauding.

Writers have a duty to applaud others. We recognize that along with receiving others attention, we need to encourage those doing the same hard, risky work.

This list should grow. As your teacher learns more about the process of writing, she will share the insight with you, her precious community of writers. We will continually add to our writing knowledge.

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