Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Clicking of My Typewriter

This evening I had to go back to technology of the past. I had to pull out my electric typewriter, blow off the dust, plug it in and type. Back in time to complete a project.

I had a short application due Friday, and I was determined to get it delivered tomorrow. I wrote the piece, but despite my best efforts my printer would only print the top half of the letter. I have limited knowledge in fixing computer issues and even less when trying to get a printer to do it's job.

I worked on the problem some more then headed to a dinner meeting. No problem, I thought as I drove along. I'll just run into school tomorrow and print or email it off. But wait, what was that memo last week about the system being down for updates.

So my old secretarial days experience was put to use. I never realized just how loud the clickity-click of those keys was. Erasing is quite different with ribbon than the delete key.

Could I have come up with a more technologically advanced way to get the letter out, sure. But it was kind of fun going back in time.

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  1. Your post made me reminisce about my high school days where we used antique typewriters.