Monday, March 5, 2012

It Can Change

It was a trying day at times. What is it about this time of year that causes even the best behaved class to slowly unravel? We teachers toss out ideas in our rising frustration. Blame it on spring fever, barometric changes, pretest anxiety. Overall, we did accomplish a great deal today and most behavior was focused and on learning, but there were some annoying choices.

When the end of the day came I found myself really enjoying waiting with the last group of students to be called for buses. The class becomes a smaller group and I get a chance to listen to them talk about whatever they want.

Our relaxed mood continued as we headed down the hall and stepped out into a bright afternoon sun that had warmed the day. The grey clouds typical of this time of year were pushed aside and the sky was blue.

Their chatter became smaller and smaller as individuals said their goodbys, broke away from our traveling group and climb onto their respective buses. I glance up into the bus windows at faces of our school.

I felt the calm of belonging and the importance of the job. And thankfully, it has replaced the sense of frustration.

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