Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cabana

Saturday there was a parade and that evening my sister's friend, Cathy, threw a party to celebrate St. Pat's Day. (This city has so many parades and celebrations it starts one weekend early!) I traveled to the party with my sister and her husband. I'd never been to Cathy's house and looked forward to it as I had heard about the "cabana" and wanted to experience it.

What a treat. Their home is small, but in the backyard of this suburban midwest city neighborhood they have transformed a detached garage into a beach themed curiosity. Stepping inside you are surprised to see not one, but three, tables with full overhead umbrellas extended--inside. Lights are dim, but miles of small red pepper lights are draped on horizontal and vertical structures. Candles add to the mood.

The food table holds the traditional Irish foods, but all utensils have various themes like salt and pepper shakers in the shape of miniature hamburgers. Everywhere I look I spy a fanciful trinket. Every spare surface contains a bauble or memento.

We settle on a small couch draped with netting that falls to each side and colorful pillows all around us. Sometimes I have difficulty focusing on the face of the person I'm talking to because just behind them is something like a collection of glass bottles filled with sea shells, tiny ceramic dancing dogs and various palm trees together on a shelf. And there were many, many shelves in this room.

"Look up," my sister says. There, among more twinkling lights, are around fifty wind chimes hanging from the rafters. Wow, my eyes can hardly take in the sizes, shapes and curiosities above my head.

Cathy's cabana reflects her fun loving and out going personality. She created a warm, one-of-a-kind party room. I enjoyed the evening, especially the eccentric setting.

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  1. I feel like I "know" Cathy after getting a glimpse into her space. Thanks for sharing.