Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Car Issues

I bought a car...and returned it.
Yes, drove it back to the dealer and asked for my money back. Just as some people return a sweater or an article of clothing because it really just didn't fit. Or a picture that doesn't look as well on the living room wall as it did in the store.

The whole story is my feet developed a strange tingling as I initially drove the car home. The feeling never left and I realized it was the car. Funny I didn't have the same issue with my old car.

After a trip to the doctor and online research, it appears I have sciatic nerve troubles. The type of car seat and lumbar support can prevent problems or cause them.

I've delved into an analysis of driver car seats of particular models that match all the other requirements I have. Then I visit a dealer and ask to sit in the car first before asking the usual car purchasing questions.

Feels kind of unusual to begin the conversation with "Let me sit in it first". But I'm determined to find the right car. And avoid returning another.


  1. Wow! Interesting and potentially helpful information. The saying is the minute you drive a car off a lot it loses value - so my question is -did they just cancel the transaction or did they impose some sort of penalty? Btw, I have always asked to sit in cars and even test drive before I get down to any business. I hope you find the perfect car for you!

    1. You know it was a great small town dealer who has a reputation for honesty. He did take it back, reluctantly though, with no penalty.

  2. Your first line is an attention grabber. Glad you were able to find a solution to your nerve issues and hopes it improves.