Monday, March 26, 2012

Learning from SOL

Each year I participate in the Slice of Like Writing challenge, I am somewhat surprised at understanding I gain regarding about what my students must feel in a writing class.

Today I was feeling the old "I just don't want to write. I don't want to be bothered with it." How many time through the years have I heard this from students or watched it in their unspoken language?

As teachers we try to present interesting writing lessons to capture their attention and build a desire to give writing a try. We encourage them from beginning to end. We conference to help their writing grow.

But in the end, we require it. We know they may surprise themselves and create a piece they really like so time was not lost. They may begin something that is revised in the future. They may not particularly like their creation, but they did write.

That seems to be the best result. That they wrote on a day of "I just don't want to write."


  1. I love your line, "But in the end, we require it." What a great way to remind each of us that we don't know what we may create, but that the discipline is part of the process. This is my first time to do the challenge and I'm exhausted, but there's no way I'm quitting this close to the finish line! And my student writers are hanging in there with me.

  2. This does give us empathy for the kids, but does the memory of the difficulty carry through all year? Patience and encouragement seem to be what is needed to keep the fires lit.