Friday, March 23, 2012

What Helps a Teacher

Teachers need colleagues they can spend time with discussing the current state of teaching in their classroom and building. People to compare thoughts. Folks to bounce ideas off of and gain new knowledge and perspectives of the profession.

I have one such teacher in my building. I admire her teaching very much and value our friendship. Tonight we scurried out the building as soon as the last bus pulled away from the curb. We headed to a favorite restaurant and along with savoring some Italian cuisine, we delighted in an evening of adult conversation with no interruptions (something teachers do not experience much of during a week day).

I appreciate these evenings together as we contemplate, reflect, and examine our teaching practices, our students and their difficult backgrounds, and the unrealistic expectations placed on teachers today.

We come away feeling we have heard each others worries and concerns. We problem solve, affirm, offer our thinking to each other and encourage. I do hope every teacher has one such collaborator as this.


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    1. I hear you, and I so agree! I have a teacher-friend in my building who I cannot live without. I cherish our conversations (especially over a good meal!). Love the name of your post! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, like minded teachers are at the top of my wish list. I am lucky to have a great t team of 4 teachers working with me, and we chat everyday at lunch, but that is not enough time. If only teacher talk was valued more, we might get some PD time for it. Ah, but the Italian cuisine is a great idea too. Thanks for sharing.