Friday, March 16, 2012

Is This One of the Perils of Growing Older

It has been a long day.

Rise and shove off to work with "spring"filled, not-so-interested-in-school fourth graders. Squeeze in planning for a substitute next week. Head home to hop in the car and drive several hours into the big city.

No wonder that as I tried to log into my blog....I couldn't. None of the passwords I tried worked. I got so tired of the little red message announcing I did not enter the correct combination of words and numbers. Its the same words and numbers I entered the previous fifteen days of this challenge. Heck, it is the same password since I created this blog years ago.

So what happened this evening?

Eventually I tired of this password memory challenge and went through the relatively quick process of creating a new password. I wrote it on paper. I better email it to myself quickly.


  1. I have had some similar problems, especially when I was feeling Ill a few weeks ago and using my iPad instead of my desktop. Don't know if it was my brain or what, but I feel for you. I hope it's not a peril of aging, but it may be. . .

  2. There is nothing more frustrating - especially when you are tired. You will appreciate your email the next time it happens. Hopefully it won't!

  3. Heh. I end up resetting my password for my blog on at least a monthly basis. Too many passwords... it's not that you are getting old! (or maybe I am, too!)

  4. Nothing more frustrating than taking the time to do something you thought was going to be a few minutes, then it turns into a computer program challenge. Arrgh! Glad you got it solved though. Hope the weekend is better!

  5. Please don't call it a sign of aging- too many of those already! It was just those gremlins that like to get into everything electronic! (see there, I'm showing my age with that gremlins long ago was that movie??!!! I watched it with my kids, not as a kid!!!)

  6. P. S. I had to try 3 "captchas" before my comment was accepted- see what I mean, it's the gremlins!