Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wish We Were Dancing Among the Stars

I keep remembering those large brown eyes looking at me with a type of pleading, but also a look I just could not identify. We were in the hall, yet again today, following his poor behavior choices. I was trying to make this a conversation. To give enough pause between my comments, so he would feel comfortable enough to speak.
Maybe then I could figure out the next move in this dance we do all too frequently. His action, my reaction, his reaction, my action. But we are dancing in circles and not finding solutions to these problems.
There was a moment, when I wondered in my head, "Just how many times have I had this conversation through the years? Must be close to a thousand, no, maybe two thousand". Actually the number is not quite that large. I'm just feeling worn down at the moment. Several students are struggling today and I in turn am struggling to maintain a teaching focus with the ones able to stay in the classroom.
But what is hiding behind those distant and forlorn eyes? He's had so many changes in his life recently, but this feels bigger that those new house, new school, new teacher looks.
OK, put the thoughts aside for tonight, or try to.
Tomorrow we begin a new dance.


  1. Dancing, I love that metaphor and I like your energy to keep moving. I'm sure everyone in your life appreciates that great energy as well. I see a digital story here. I can't help it,

  2. What a great idea, digital story. Those eyes did speak volumes.