Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today I feel the luxury of time.

I woke slowly and looked at the unset alarm. I knew I had time before the late service, so I snuggled under the covers for a little while longer.

Glanced at that pile of unfinished laundry, which would usually have to be done before a week of teaching, then realized I'd be dressing quite informally in the upcoming days. It can sit in the basket until Tuesday, if I choose.

I strolled across the kitchen, coffee cup filled to the brim, on my way to the computer. I had lots of time to savor each drop and could even reheat it at the slightest cooling.

Planned the day in my head and so looked forward to having my own time for what ever I choose to do around here. No pressure to make sure lesson plans and corresponding materials were gathered and ready to go. Reading? Scrap booking? Baking?

Then the very practical side of my personality took over and reminded me that I do have a tendency in such situations to procrastinate and enjoy this luxury of time just a little too much. Yes, I'll have to check in on the Spring Break To Do list I put on my desktop. It's right in the middle of the screen.

But for now, I am grateful for this dilemma. It stretches before me in eight glorious days.


  1. I've just read back over a number of your posts, and I really enjoyed your observations and the voice in your writing. Enjoy your spring break.

  2. I feel the tension between wanting to rush (as in a normal day) and reminding yourself to slow down, and savor the day.

  3. I remember, I remember...

  4. I will have to remember this in a few weeks when I finally get my spring break