Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Becoming Writers

We settled on the rug just as we have many so times this year. Writing folders, pencils, and "reporter's" spirals ready to be used. Our short Brain Break outside on this brisk spring day had revived spirits and we were ready to dive into our work.

Today I am reviewing the rubric for this newspaper article unit. Almost all are really enjoying this style of writing and looking at their world as containing many newsworthy stories. It has brought new awareness to that sometimes vague term---audience.

They shared the entries for possible stories they have been collecting in their reporter's spirals. Conversations and comments were offered to help fellow writers begin to plan their pieces. I'm pleased at their grasp of the craft and especially pleased that some reluctant writers are seeing themselves as having a story and capable of writing it.

I check the clock to be aware of how long I am talking. I watch their body language...eager to get to writing spots and begin. I feel like I should be shouting, and indeed in my head I am. "Ready, set, write!!"

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