Sunday, March 8, 2009

All Kinds of Challenges

I knew this Slice of Life challenge would push me as a writer and a teacher of writing, but today I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. It pushed me to create a blog and join in this cyber world of communicating.
Those of you who are light years ahead of me in this regard may not recognize this pivotal moment. See, I'm one who still has an electric typewriter in the front of the office closet. Just in case I need to pull it out and use it.
So thanks to Ruth and Stacey for the challenge and to all whose blogs I've visited over time. I'm catching up.


  1. Our pleasure. You're very welcome.

    --Stacey (on behalf of me and of Ruth)

  2. Good for you! Starting a blog really pushed me to write regularly. I have bunches of notebooks with a few entries that I have abandoned, but the blog has kept me writing at least a few times a week for over a year. And it gives my Internet times wasting a purpose! :)

  3. I'm a beginner too... hope I can post this, as I am now a follower of your blog-- officially- and probably opened an account in the bahamas doing this!

  4. Welcome new bloggers,
    Stay with it and it only gets better. I am a passionate blogger always happy to watch the community expand,
    Enjoy the adventure,

  5. Your encouragement is so appreciated!

  6. Good luck with your blog. Take your time and find your voice.