Thursday, March 19, 2009

Talkin to the Birds

I walked out, no, make that rushed-dashed-sprinted, out the front door hoping to make it to school on time. Wondering why I dabble in tasks around the house each morning, instead of sticking to a more linear schedule of dressing, eating, and heading out the door.

As I turned the key in the lock, the brightness of the spring day grabbed my attention. It was a blue sky trimmed with sunshine, standing over the new green grass. The gray maple tree limbs were sporting tiny wine-colored buds.

A movement in the tree caught my eye. A pair of small birds, an obvious male and female pair, danced from limb to limb, seeming to come closer to me. One usually doesn't describe birds as cute, but this pair really was.

So instead of the usual charge to the car, I stopped and watched. I slowed down even more and began to talk them. I really did know that they would not talk back, but it just seemed the thing to do. The male started jumping limbs, coming closer still. How curious. I noted their coloring to look them up later in the field guides in my classroom. I stood and delighted in their antics.

Then realizing the time, I jumped into the car and made my way to school, grateful to that avian pair for helping me stop and notice spring around me.

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