Friday, March 13, 2009

Dinner Anyone?

Sushi. What an interesting food.

Some girlfriends and I were meeting for dinner tonight. One gal sent an email raving about a sushi place we all just had to try. You could tell some of our return emails hesitated to commit to eating something raw and unfamiliar, but being the good sports we are, everyone said "Sure".

But really. We live in the middle of a farm state surrounded by cattle and various livestock. Corn and bean fields everywhere, no rice fields. This is very unfamiliar food. Not to mention the smells one is greeted by as you enter the restaurant.

The waitress never showed any signs of being frustrated by my menu questions. And fifteen minutes later sat a luscious looking cabbage and chicken salad in front of me. Watching others at the table eat their rice wrapped seafood slices was the closest experience of sushi for me tonight.

And the real reason for joining friends for dinner became apparent. It is mostly about talking, sharing, supporting each other and not so much about what one eats. I can join them anywhere and order from a menu that carries any type of food. We were feeding our souls tonight.

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